Women’s Day: in Havan, 70% of the workforce is composed by women

The job market has been going through great transformations and those who are prepared are ahead. To celebrate this March 8, it is important to highlight how women are dominating some companies. In the Havan store chain, they represent 70% of the more than 20 thousand employees.

In addition, at the retailer, women occupy 65% of leadership positions. A data that comes in line with information from IBGE, that more than 40% of managerial vacancies in Brazilian companies are already occupied by women. In 1950, they represented not even 14% of the workforce. The human recourses manager, Aurélio Paduano, emphasizes that these figures reflect the efforts and dedication of the employees themselves. “At Havan we practice meritocracy. Whoever is competent, has all the conditions to make a career in the company”, he highlights.


The Organizational Development Coordinator, Goreti Maestri, says that at Havan women find a favorable environment to develop their career, since there are no gender restrictions on age or due to maternity. “Our goal is to create an environment that favors the employee’s personal development, whoever they are. We know that on the issue of women who become mothers, maternity leave is a very delicate moment, when some women think about leaving their jobs due to the fact that babies are so young. To make it possible for them to have more moments with their children, we offer extended maternity leave, up to six months. This differential makes mothers stay at Havan and grow with us”, reinforces Goreti.

In the store chain, women find opportunities in all functions. As is the case of the forklift operator at the Havan Distribution Center, Silmara de Mello, for example. “I have been at Havan for 8 years and 7 of them in this role. At the beginning it was a great challenge to operate such a large machine, which is generally used by men. But that did not intimidate me, quite the opposite, I received all the encouragement to continue in this area from all colleagues”.

Havan Labs Scrum Master, Elisiane dos Santos Neitzke, points out that in the technology area there is also space for them. The professional works in the application of agile methodology, which aims at the functioning of project management, for a better performance of human and financial resources. “With only 4 months in Havan, I already monitor 3 development teams and I feel fulfilled in the profession that I chose. I am very proud to be part of a team that does not distinguish between genders and it is very gratifying to see that more and more women are becoming interested in the technology area, she evaluates.

Ensuring equal opportunities for men and women has long been part of Havan’s culture. The trajectory of the auditor of the Administration department, Patrícia Demarch Joenck, proves this. She was one of the first women to be part of the Audit sector. “I have been at Havan for 14 years and I can say that to be a woman is to have strength and determination to face all the challenges that life brings”, she concludes.