Luciano’s Letter

I’m Luciano Hang, a simple man, with a beginning story common to lot of Brazilians. Dyslexic, I had so many difficulties and only started reading at 12 years old, but I can say that this limitation only made me more creative. At the age of 12, I’ve decided to create a canteen in the school with a friend, we used to sell crackers! Over time, the sales grew so much that the candy distributor started delivering in a Kombi.

Son of workers, at the age of 17 I started to work at the same factory that my grandfather andmy parents have worked. As soon I stood out and was promoted to seller, but my entrepreneur spirit didn’t allow me to stay there for too much time.

So then, at 23 years old, I bought a little fabric factory that was about to close and I made it work 24 hours a day. It is like I always say: start small, dream big!

Therefore, at the age of 24, I’ve opened Havan, a small fabric store. Soon, the establishment wasn’t able to bear the demand, it was necessary to grow! I’ve decided to do a daring step, going to the South Corea to import fabrics. We even sold more than 5 million meters in a month!

After that, we evolved more and more, Havan went from the sale of a single product, to more than 250 thousand SKUs by now; from a small store in the City of Brusque, to 155 megastores spread across the country selling everything, for everybody. With a professional team extremely competent and engaged with the company, we have been through many crises and of each of them, we got out stronger.

I’m only the conductor of this great orchestra, who really makes the Havan’s success is our 20 thousand employees that dedicates from body, soul and heart. Havan’s culture is our essence and in the center of it, are our customers, those to whom we strive to delight every day.

And that’s why I usually say that, in Havan, we don’t have costumers, we have fans! In each store I go, for an inauguration or only to visit, I notice this community and employees love for the company, for all our stores provide to the cities. Havan generates opportunities, social development and directly and indirectly jobs.

Today, with a story of 37 years, we have started a new era. Looking back, we notice that we had great achievements, but looking for the future, we can see that we are only in the beginning, and we can go much, and much more away.

I´ve always believed in Havan and continue betting in this big team!

Luciano Hang