Registration for Projects or Sponsorship

How to request a sponsorship

The projects covered by our sponsorship policy fits the following incentive laws:

  • Federal Incentive Laws: Rouanet, Sport, FIA, Elderly, Pronon and Pronas
  • State Incentive Laws: Profice, Proac and PIE

We also support projects through the direct budget, like events, actions, sports, and others.

Annually we receive thousands of proposals from all over Brazil, from different areas and specific needs. They are all are evaluated with care and respect. Always using our purpose as a base for evaluation: To promote the economic and social development of Brazil.

In order to dedicate the adequate attention to each request, we have the support of “Realise Gestão de Patrocínios”, that analyses the proposals directed to Havan.

If you are interested in forwarding your proposal to us, fill in the form below that fits your category and send it to the e-mail or contact us through the phone (47) 4053 9162.

Remind answering the forms completely and meet the deadline established in all of request document.

Form to a donation request

Form to a sponsorship request – incentive law

Form to a sponsorship request – directly budget