Motorcade “Natal Azul Havan” will stay 3 days in the southern region of Santa Catarina

In this challenging year, the arrival of Christmas brings an even greater feeling of rebirth. To take the Christmas spirit to the streets and fill the hearts with hope, Havan holds another edition of Motorcade “Natal Azul”. The attraction has already passed through several cities in Paraná and Santa Catarina. And, on Monday, the 21st, starting at 6:30 pm, it’s Tubarão’s turn. On Tuesday, the Motorcade will pass by Criciúma, and on Wednesday it ends the tour through Araranguá.

The cart tour started in November in Toledo. Motorcade “Natal Azul Havan” crosses the streets of the cities it visits and always passes in front of a Havan megastore. The appearance schedule, which is subject to change, will extend throughout the month of December.

It is the third consecutive year that Havan has performed the Christmas blue wave. For the first time, the Motorcade “Natal Azul”, which also carries the mascot Liberdade, goes beyond the state of Santa Catarina. The proposal is that with each year that passes, the action is expanded to more Brazilian states and municipalities. “It is in our DNA to delight customers. We believe that it makes sense to take the motorcade to more places and spread the special feeling that involves Christmas”, says Havan’s owner Luciano Hang.

Check out the dates and cities where Motorcade Natal Azul Havan will pass:


21 – Tubarão (SC)

22 – Criciúma (SC)

23 – Araranguá (SC)