Havan prepares birthday surprise for autistic child


Havan held a special surprise for little Rony Gabriel Pereira, this Monday, April 19th. With green and yellow decoration, special cake and all thematic of the retail chain, the boy with autism celebrated the arrival of his 5 years old. The surprise was even more special, as the birthday boy was received by the characters Lucianinho and the Statue of Liberty. Earlier this year, Rony’s family went to Havan to find out how to prepare the boy’s themed birthday.

The party was a complete surprise for Rony Gabriel, who is a super fan of Havan and took place at the Amusement Park of the headquarter, in Brusque (SC). The space opened exclusively for the celebration and was a moment of great emotion for the boy and his parents, Sany Michele and Rony Pereira, who are residents of Brusque, and also for the Havan team.

Rony’s mother, Sany Michele, says that he became a fan of Havan at an early age, always giving preference to playing with patriotic toys, with the Captain Brazil doll and wearing the clothes in green and yellow colors. Among their favorite leisure activities, strolling through Havan stores is the number 1 item and at least twice a week, the parents take Rony to have fun at the megastore. Not to mention that he loves to watch the videos and materials posted on the entrepreneur’s and retailer’s social networks. “We were immensely happy and moved by the surprise. We had the desire to have the party with the theme of Havan and it was a great and wonderful gift that will mark his life and ours”, says the mother.

After the party, the boy and his parents were welcomed by the entrepreneur Luciano Hang, at the Havan Administrative Center, where they visited the space and Rony took the traditional ride with the patriotic scooter. “We are very happy to hear that Rony is a fan of Havan. Making this surprise for him was very important for us, we are more than a chain of megastores, we convey the message of very strong patriotism and also of inclusion. Knowing that children identify with Havan gives us hope and more determination to build an even better country. As the message on our t-shirts says: “The Brazil we want depends only of us”, concludes Luciano Hang.