Havan megastores in Pará register 88.3% growth and indicates opportunity for new investments in the state

Havan megastores in the state of Pará registered an increase of 88.3% in sales in the first 14 days of December, when compared to the same period of 2019. With branches in the cities Marabá, Parauapebas, Belém and Ananindeua, the expressive results make the retailer plans new investments in Pará for the coming years.

Havan has been present in Pará since 2014, with stores in Marabá and Parauapebas. The opening of the branch in Belém in October this year was a milestone in the chain’s history, as it was the number 150 store. The Ananindeua megastore opened its doors to the public last week and has been maintaining the same success as the other branches. “Since we have projects in the state, they are always among the top 10 in sales. The public really honors us and feels welcomed at Havan”, says Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang.

The adhesion of people from Pará to the Havan Card reinforces the retailer’s role in the state. Currently, there are almost 100 thousand customers registered in the service. “In addition, the most interesting thing is that of the 144 cities in the state, we have in our database, customers who have already made purchases in Havan from 143 municipalities, that is, only residents of one municipality have not yet bought in our stores. It is an evidence of how well Pará likes Havan, it makes us very happy and gives us more gas to continue planting stores in Brazil”, says Hang.

The positive performance means that Pará is on the expansion schedule of the department store chain. By 2022, strategic planning estimates that there will be 220 Havan megastores, present in all Brazilian states. “Even with the challenges this year, we opened 12 new stores and two of them were strategically built in Pará. The receptivity of the people from Pará indicates that there is still a lot to invest in the state and certainly, Pará will continue on the expansion radar of Havan”, concludes Hang.