Havan grows 1,200% in digital during Black Friday

Havan exceeded expectations with Black Friday, both in physical stores and in digital channels. The chain anticipated offers and also extended promotions throughout November. With the strategy, the brand surpassed the sales targets and grew more than and only in digital, the company grew 1,200%.

For Havan’s Digital Manager, Eder Varela, this exponential result is the effect of investments in the brand’s digital expansion. “We invested a lot in technology to improve our customer’s entire shopping experience. We made several improvements on the platform, we are using artificial intelligence to recommend products, we have a new search engine, we reformulated our category menu and we focused a lot on UX (user experience)”, he says.

According to Varela, another Black Friday success point is Pick-Up in Store, which allows consumers to buy on the website and pick it up in the store and Shipping From Store, in which stores’ stocks are transformed into distribution centers, making the online orders receiving quicker.

Technology and wide range of products

Havan offers a huge variety of products, reaching more than 350 thousand different items for purchase. During Black Friday, some categories stood out in online sales. The highest percentage growth was in male clothing. “This result is in line with recent innovations. In manufacturing, we implemented a virtual fitting system, an artificial intelligence tool that finds the ideal size of clothing for the consumer”, evaluates Eder Varela.

With the Black Friday sales over, Havan’s owner Luciano Hang celebrates the results achieved by the retail giant. “We are undergoing a digital transformation and bringing all the success of our physical stores online. Our goal is “people charming people and technology charming everyone”. In 2021 we will focus on the digital experience and grow at a fast pace”, he highlights.