Havan donates blankets and makes branch sweater collection posts

Low temperatures reached some Brazilian states in recent days. To help the neediest community, Havan donated blankets, comforters and blankets to the cities of Votuporanga (SP) and Guaíba (RS). In addition, it is supporting a large clothing campaign in the state of Paraná.

In Votuporanga, the chain has destined 50 blankets to Associação Votu Solidária, which serves people in situations of social vulnerability. The initiative gathered donations from several companies in the region and Havan made sure of giving its contribution.

In Guaíba, Havan contributed with the proposal from the city’s mayor, Marcelo Maranata, who requested donations as a form of birthday present. Havan destined 10 quilts and 10 blankets for the action, which in total gathered more than 1,000 blankets. “Whenever it is within our reach, we contribute. Havan understands that when it arrives in a city, it becomes part of the community, so we seek to be involved in all actions aimed at making that region a better place for the people who live there”, says Raquel Werner, who manages the donations conferred by Havan.

Transmit Heat

Havan is also supporting the “Transmit Heat” sweater campaign and turning the 30 megastores in Paraná into collection points for donations. The stores are receiving good clothes, warm clothes and blankets, until July 30th.

The “Transmit Heat” campaign is an initiative of Rede Massa | SBT, has been running for 14 years and is considered the largest fundraising project for clothes, warm clothes and blankets in Paraná. 3.5 million pieces of clothing and 45 tons of food have already been distributed.