Havan helps to buy two respirators

The population of Barra Velha, where the Havan Distribution Center (CD) is located, is benefiting from two new respirators to meet urgent cases, when patients need to be transported to hospitals in the region. Havan donated R$ 23 thousand to Samu, who bought a portable equipment that will be used in the ambulance that is in Jaraguá do Sul to serve the entire north-northeast macro region, which affects more than one million people, between Joinville, Barra Velha and other municipalities to Porto União. And the other equipment, a fixed model, will be in Barra Velha.

The delivery of the portable one took place this week at the Health Department of Barra Velha and the other one will be delivered later. The Secretary of Health, Maurício Coimbra, helped the Samu’s north-northeast macro-region coordinator, Airton S. T. Prado, to seek resources that added up to the R$ 35 thousand necessaries for the purchase of the portable respirator. Prado explains that out of Samu’s 4 advanced support ambulances, only 2 are equipped with respirators. The other two have borrowed respirators, especially when it is necessary to transport patients with Covid.

There have been times when the ambulance, which is based in Jaraguá do Sul, had to go to Joinville to borrow a respirator to assist a patient who was in Barra Velha. “There have also been cases where we needed to borrow one of the two respirators in the municipality to transport. In these cases, a secretariat passenger car accompanied the ambulance to the hospital to bring the equipment later. “With these donations, the population of Barra Velha will benefit greatly from the agility”, celebrates Secretary Coimbra.

The almost 1,500 employees of the DC and their families will directly benefit from the speed with which patients will be able to be treated with the donation of respirators. “We have a very special affection for the municipality. It is where our DC is, where we are always investing. We are in a difficult time with this pandemic and, where possible, we will help”, declares Havan’s owner Luciano Hang. Last year, approximately R$ 400 million were invested in the opening of 12 new stores and the expansion and automation of the DC, from which the 155 stores are supplied.