CD Havan invests R$100 million in an exclusive logistics system

Havan stores are growing at a fast pace and to continue developing, the company constantly invests in technology and innovation. Proof of this is the implementation of the new Self-supporting Automated Storage System, by SSI SCHAEFER, at the Distribution Center in Barra Velha (SC). The only one of this model assembled in the world, the investment was R$100 million.

It is a system designed for the automatic handling and storage of palletized cargo and products. Composed of 36,000 pallet carrier positions, equivalent to products for 900 trucks and 8 stacker cranes (robots), produced with German technology, the tool guarantees fast and accurate supply to the 159 Havan megastores.

The development, conception and execution of the project took about 1 year and involved professionals from 7 nationalities, such as Argentina, Brazil, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Poland. With 110 meters long, 30 meters high and 1,425 tons of construction material, 130 containers were needed to transport all the equipment.

With the new system, it is possible to separate 3,000 boxes of products per hour and the technology significantly increases the productivity of the Distribution Center, reduces errors and makes deliveries more agile. The system is also the only one in the world where the employee works inside the equipment. “Technology has always been part of Havan’s DNA and is increasingly present in our daily lives. It is an important ally for us to continue revolutionizing Brazilian retail. Our logistics are always one step ahead of everything we do, so that we can continue investing in our country, serving each of our customers with quality and agility,” says Havan’s owner Luciano Hang.

DCH Expansion

In addition to investing in technology, Havan recently completed the works that expanded the Distribution Center’s structure by 50%. The space now has 200 thousand m² of built area. The DCH is considered the most modern and technological in Latin America. Currently, around 1,500 employees work at the location and more than 15 thousand boxes of products are separated per hour to supply 400 trucks, which leave daily for megastores throughout Brazil.

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