Young man walks 940 km to meet businessman Luciano Hang

They say that don’t have limits for your dreams, and in Samuel Miranda case, 30 years, don’t have distance too. He walks 940 kilometers to arrive in Brusque, Santa Catarina and meet the businessman Luciano Hang. The arrive happened this week, after almost of 30 days walking. He was received at Havan administrative center, with party and a lot of emotion. 

Samuel leaves from Guaratinguetá, São Paulo in July 26th, determined to present to the businessman your product, the dry pizza. He shared his entire saga on social media and along the way he has drawn attention of lots of people because his determination. In some days, he needed to sleep in tents, and, for lack of money, his food was only water. But, during the route, Samuel have received help of a lot of people, with food and lodging. In addition to the young man courage, the solidarity of people was the highlight of this adventure. 

In Brusque, Samuel had a very special reception. Besides celebration, had the traditional hall made by the employees and was articulated a mentoring with experts so that he could receive guidance and better structure his product. “I was very impressed with Samuel’s determination. He has the entrepreneur desire and boldness. But he needs guidance of who have most experience. That’s why we prepared a mentoring with participation of our food provider of Dmuller and with our marketing and purchase team. It was a time of great exchange and learning. I thank him for the caring with me and Havan. We wish that all tips being applied and his business will be a success”, emphasizes Luciano. 

During all the time, Samuel was very emotional and thanks the receptivity several times. He told that didn’t have words to describe what he was living. “I was lived in almost 30 days what I doesn’t have lived in 30 years. I just have to thanks for all that was doing for me. For the Luciano’s energy and kindness and of all Havan’s team, in addition to the people who have welcomed me in the walk. It was an experience that changed my life, not only like an entrepreneur, but also like a human. I was an example that we need to believe in our dreams and spare no efforts to carry them out”, emphasizes. 

Before going home, this time by plane with the ticket guaranteed by Havan, Samuel also underwent rehabilitation in consequence of the physical wear of the walk at Fibra Fisio, the biggest Center for Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation of Brazil. 


See how was Samuel’s reception in Brusque: