With revenues exceeding R$ 10 billion and 30% growth in profit, Havan Group celebrates the results of 2020

Even in a year marked by so many challenges, the Havan Group closed 2020 with revenues of R$ 10.5 billion and a net profit of R$ 1.3 billion, a result 30% higher than 2019. The company’s balance was disclosed after being audited. Currently, the Havan Group has 155 megastores, present in 17 Brazilian states, which generates more than 20 thousand direct jobs.

Havan’s owner Luciano Hang says that 2020 was a year of overcoming, where even with a lot of challenges it was possible to keep jobs and open 12 new megastores. “I have no doubt that Havan is a company from another world! Where does this result come from? From our engaged and committed team, from the partner suppliers we conquer, from the customers who honor us every day and from the millions of Brazilians who love Havan”, he highlights.

In addition to maintaining jobs, Luciano speaks of the satisfaction of paying employees the 14th salary, through the Profit Sharing Program (PPR), in the amount of R $ 45 million. “Our purpose is to promote economic and social development throughout Brazil. All of our profit is reinvested in the company. I promise Brazilians that we will continue to grow, opening stores, buying from the national industry, generating jobs and income”, he says.

This year, 20 new megastores are expected to open, with an investment of approximately R $ 400 million and the generation of 3 thousand new jobs, in addition to hundreds of indirect jobs, as each vacancy generated in commerce reflects on five other indirect opportunities. “In 2021 we have grandiose plans, Havan is 35 years old. Looking back I see that we have built a lot, but looking ahead I know that we are only at the beginning. To infinity and beyond!”, he concludes.