With Luciano Hang and Ratinho, live talks about the positive side of the “Brazilian way”

If have one thing that Brazilian people understand is to find creative solutions to day-by-day challengers. It’s not for less that we are the 4th most creative nation in the world, according to WARC Rankings. This peculiar characteristic from our people made to born the expression “Brazilian way” and it is the theme of the campaign Havan’s Brazilian September. This Friday, September 3rd, a live with Luciano Hang and the presenter Ratinho, will talk about the subject in a light and relaxed way, in Havan’s social medias (Instagram and Facebook), at 8pm. 

During the live transmission, Luciano and Ratinho will count funny stories and unusual solutions, that they needed of “Brazilian way” to solve some challenge. Imagine that were few times that they have appeal to creativity, after all, Luciano today is one of the most success businessman in Brazil and Ratinho is a TV presenter since 90s, in addition to be a businessman too. 

The conversation between the two will have the tone of a chat between friends, with the aim that the public have fun, have insights about entrepreneurship and a different vision about what is the “Brazilian way”, in addition to staying on top of exclusive Havan offers. “The expression usually brings pejorative references, but it represents this unique way of our people, of always to find a different solution to much challenges. With the slogan “Brazilian way of save money”, we are going to explore the creative and innovative side of Brazilian people. We believe that the public going to really like what’s come”, emphasizes the Havan’s creative core coordinator, Ana Paula Mellão. 

Schedule yourself: 

What: Live Brazilian Way 

When: Friday, September 3rd 

What time: 8pm 

Where: Havan’s Instagram and Facebook – @havanoficial 

See Luciano and Ratinho’s invite for the live: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTN1mychG5t/