“Turminha da Havan” channel reopens on YouTube

“Turminha da Havan” is back on YouTube with many news to delight the child audience. The channel was created in 2019 and since last year it has been in the process of restructuring, where the content proposals were revised, the name itself changed and a new character became part of the group: “Lucianinho”. 

According to the marketing coordinator at Havan, Ana Paula Mellão, the channel’s proposal is to entertain children in a playful and educational way, emphasizing the main human values. “With the channel, we want to rescue values ​​such as honesty, respect, responsibility, tolerance, humility, which are being lost over the generations. That’s why we decided to invest in a digital space, where everyone looks for information, to help parents in this rescue, but in a fun way and in the children’s language”, he emphasizes. 

 In this new phase, according to the digital analyst at Havan, Marcela Luiza Pereira, the channel will present author music, which will have the objective of educating and entertaining children at the same time. “Currently, there are about 300 thousand subscribers and, with this reformulation, the expectation is to reach one million followers by the end of the year.”  

YouTube Kids 

“Turminha da Havan” will feature new content every fortnight and the channel re-opens already qualified for dissemination on the kids platform. This means that the content passed through the curatorship and selection of YouTube itself, attesting the quality and security of the information displayed. YouTube Kids features parental control and filtering of videos deemed unsuitable for children age 12 and younger. “Being on YouTube Kids is an important recognition of our proposal and reinforces that we are on the right path”, emphasizes Ana Paula.  

“Turminha da Havan” 

Each character has a different personality. “Liberdade” is very smart and is always inviting children to play. It’s the class leader. The “Senhor Livro” is always teaching, he represents the grandparents, the teachers, the most experienced people. “Tochita” is the persona of children who want to learn, she is very lively. “Chaminha” is a very lively and playful dog, a companion for everything. And Bell represents playful friends. The novelty of 2021 is “Lucianinho”, which will play, teach and spread all the love he has for Brazil. 

Among the contents of the next episodes are the following themes: believing in the future, dreams, education, health, transit and many others. Moms and dads can subscribe at youtube.com/turminhadahavan. In addition, the Havan Gang is also on instagram, with @turminhadahavan. 

 Havan Channel 

In recent years, Havan has invested in its presence in digital channels. And because of that, by next month, Havan’s YouTube profile will reach 1 million subscribers. The channel has weekly content, including tips on recipes, decoration and, soon, also on fashion. The week is divided as follows: every Monday has recipes, Wednesday is decoration day and soon on Fridays will be fashion tips. There are currently over 500 million views on the Havan channel.  

Check the new Havan Gang channel here