Registrations are now open for the 1st Fibra Fisio Marathon, in Brusque

Lovers of street racing have a reason to celebrate: the realization of the 1st Fibra Fisio Marathon, which will be held in Brusque on August 29th. The race goes down in the history of street racing in the city of Vale do Itajaí, as it will feature the marathon modality (42km), in addition to half marathon courses 21km, 10km and 5km. Registration started yesterday, Thursday, July 1st, on the website, with limited vacancies. 

Idealized by Fibra Fisio – the largest Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center of Brazil installed in Brusque – and sponsored by Havan, the event is being organized in partnership with “Centro de Performance e Saúde Grupo do Bay”.  

According to the partners of Fibra Fisio, Daiane Paza and Leonardo Hang, holding the race is an old idea, conceived before the opening of the Physiotherapy Center. “I always wanted to run a race together with the opening of the clinic, but due to the pandemic, we didn’t have this opportunity. At the end of last year, we started conversations with Grupo do Bay, inviting them to set up this competition with us, and the partnership was very successful. Today, our biggest challenge is still the Covid-19 pandemic. We are limiting enrollment, but the idea is to make the event bigger every year”, emphasizes Daiane. 

Physical educator Felipe Ristow, from Grupo do Bay, says that the project was organized following several safety protocols and will receive the approval of the City of Brusque, State Health Department and Fundação Catarinense de Esporte (Fesporte). “We want to do a different race, focusing on the runner’s experience. We’ll put bands and DJs along the way, we’ll have a very cool start ceremonial and other surprises, always thinking about each athlete. As the competition will be small in number of participants, we will try to make it as personal as possible, so that each athlete has a very happy and challenging experience”, he comments. 

Luciano Hang will run 

The owner of Havan, Luciano Hang, confirmed his presence in the competition. He posted a video on his social networks inviting people to participate and pledged to run, emphasizing the importance of physical activity for health. 

Watch his video talking about the competition here 

Limited registrations 

The competition will have limited enrollments to the number of 200 participants, which may be increased according to the coming weeks. This is due to the degree of risk classification in the region where Brusque is located. Registration will cost R$140 per participant for the marathon and half marathon events, and R$99 per participant for the 10km and 5km races. Each athlete will receive a test kit and participation medal. “It will be a well-controlled and safe event, we put on a race with several distances to give everyone who runs the opportunity to participate. The race will be a gift from us to the city of Brusque, to people who want to participate. As a reference clinic in sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy, it is a way of promoting physical and mental health and social well-being”, emphasizes Daiane Paza. 

The 1st Fibra Fisio Marathon is sponsored by Fibra Fisio, Havan and with the support of the Grupo do Bay and Unimed Brusque. 


1st Fibra Fisio Marathon 

Day 08/29 – Brusque/SC 

42k, 21k, 10k and 5k races 

Registration from 1st/07 

Prices: R$ 140.00 42k and 21k races 

R$ 99.00 10k and 5k races