Parada Havan at Barra Velha receive a Santander agency

Parada Havan, located at Barra Velha (SC), just won a agency of Santander Bank. The opening happened this Wednesday, September 15th, and it is the first agency of the group installed in Havan complex, and the first to arrive in the city too. 

Nowadays, the Havan complex from Barra Velha counts with a megastore, warehouse, gas station, restaurants and the Transben carrier headquarters, generating almost of 2.500 directly jobs. “For us, Barra Velha is a special city. 10 years that we are here, we started from zero and we are witnessing all the broad and rapid development of this region. I really hope that more and more new companies arrive at the city, generating jobs, life quality and happiness for all. I’m sure that Santander here will do a lot of success.  

With the opening, Santander Brazil achieves its 60th agency in Santa Catarina. According to executive superintendent of the South Network, Vitor Hugo Magni D Avila, the new unity is a part of expansion of the Bank’s presence in Santa Catarina and arrives to recognize the city development in state scenario. “Barra Velha is the gateway to the north coast of Santa Catarina and occupies a privileged position in relation to other important cities in the state. To Santander is strategic being present physically here, investing in actions that potentiate the local entrepreneur activity and creating new business opportunities with a differentiated look both for individual and corporate clients”, he concludes.