On-line purchases at Havan already could be pay by PIX

Make payments using PIX gained popularity between the Brazilians. The instant service of payments already exceeds other payments methods, like DOC, TED and bank bill, according to Banco Central. The facility make part of others payments methods of Havan at physical stores and at now it was available to the purchases made at site www.havan.com.br or in the App Havan. 

According to Development and Digital Havan’s manager, Eder Varela, the payment using PIX at digital channels was installed at the begin of July and it represents 10% of digital operations. “The logic is the same at the physical method. The payment could be done with a QR code or an electronic key, and in few seconds the transfer of the value is concluded”, detail. 

At 161 Havan megastores, PIX is accepted from April. With the instant transfer of money is possible to pay for the purchases and, still, the Havan card invoice. “At the cashier, after the products are passed, is generated a QR code with the value of purchase, the customer points your smartphone and make the instant payment. Is really simple and practical. Our objective is to offer a complete experience to the customers and always are looking for trends and news involving all of retail questions”, concludes.