Luciano Hang make a surprise for fan in her 15 years birthday

The businessman Luciano Hang had realized a surprise for a very special fan, from Itajai (SC). Emanuelle Lins Celestino, had completed 15 years on Sunday, August 15th, and her dream was that the businessman dance with her the traditional 15 years waltz. When he knows about her dream, Manu was surprised with a party at Havan’s Administrative Center, complete with cake, flowers, sweets, gift and, of course, helicopter flight in the businessman’s company. 

Manu was very emotional and for a few minutes, she couldn’t even talk what she was feeling. But her happiness smile reveal how much that moment was special and how she was happy. “I couldn’t imagine that will be possible it happens. I know how busy Luciano is. I’m very realized, was amazing and unforgettable. Sure, the best gift!”, said. 

Manu’s mom, Rafaela Lins de Souza Celestino, have related that the teenager didn’t suspect of anything and the coming to Brusque was justified for to buy some items to the 15 years party, that will happen on Saturday. “We are very happy with the care that they had with our daughter and her dream. It shows the respect that Havan and Luciano have with people. We just have to thanks”. 

Manu was a Luciano’s fan wince she was a child. She commented that grow up seeing the businessman videos and, when she can work, she wants to work at one of the megastores. Havan, also, was the scenario chosen for the pictures of teenager’s 15 years and she is very prided to use the shirt with the slogan “O Brasil que queremos só depende de nós”. 

The family highlighted that the teenager’s adoration for Havan and Luciano is something that happened naturally. “She started to follow and going to like. So much that the first allowance we gave her, was used to bought a Havan’s shirt, something that she had asked. I’m so happy to see that my daughter has a work-oriented person as a reference, that values the country and that preaches humility. It’s comforting for us to know that my daughter looks up to someone that follows the path of goodness”, related the Manu’s dad, Maurício de Medeiros Celestino. 

Luciano Hang had thanked Manu by the care and emphasizes how much was happy to provide the realization of another dream. “Is gratifying to be able to make dreams come true. Really, is it that we do at Havan. How much people that dreams with a job, with the opportunity to build a dignity life through the work? Manu is a teenager that there’s a lot in front of she, but has already following the right way. I’m very happy to could divide this special moment of her life”.