Luciano Hang donates 200 oxygen cylinders to Manaus (AM)

Luciano Hang, “Véio da Havan”, will add the current of goodness that is sending oxygen to Manaus (AM). The businessman confirmed on Wednesday, 27, the donation of 200 cylinders of hospital oxygen.

Tomorrow, 28, the first 50 cylinders will be sent to the capital of Amazonas. The other 150 arrive next week. The oxygen destination will be defined together with the Ministry of Health, which has already mapped the demands of hospitals that are treating patients with covid-19.

According to Luciano, all efforts to save lives are fundamental. “It is a time for everyone to come together to help those who need it the most. Manaus is the 5th city where people follow me the most on social networks. I have a deep affection for the people from Manaus. We are even going to open three megastores in Manaus in the coming months” he says.

The businessman comments that it had already been announced that he had made the donations. However, it was during the visit of the humorist Tirullipa, that he decided to embrace the cause and confirm the destination of the cylinders. “As is known to the public, I was also with Covid-19 and had to leave to recover. Now that I’m back on the job I decided to make my contribution”, he concludes.