Luciano Hang and Carlos Wizard launch petition to donate vaccines to workers in general

Entrepreneurs Luciano Hang and Carlos Wizard launch, on Monday, 22, a petition to give them the freedom to buy and donate vaccines from covid-19 to their workers and the population in general. The initiative appeared in a live made by the businessmen and the creation of the document was a suggestion of the internet users.

The purpose of the petition is, through popular support, to sensitize the National Congress to change Law No. 14.125. Currently, the legislation determines that if the private sector makes the purchase of vaccines, the doses must be 100% donated to the Unified Health System (SUS), until there is total immunization of the priority group. The proposal also calls for companies and entrepreneurs to be authorized to buy vaccines with health registration granted by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) or, even, immunizers that have international registrations.

Entrepreneurs defend the union of forces and performance in parallel to SUS, accelerating the immunization and resumption of economic activities. They also emphasize that several other entrepreneurs have already expressed their desire to contribute for a more agile vaccination. “In no other country in the world have I seen such a large movement of entrepreneurs wanting to donate vaccines and immunize their employees free of charge, as we want in Brazil and we are being prevented by bureaucracy. We are hundreds of entrepreneurs of all sizes, wanting to buy vaccines and donate to their cities and their workers. We’re just asking for a release to help. We are not charging anything and we are not going to sell it”, guarantees Wizard.

Access the petition here:

They guarantee that the initiative will not interfere in the global demand for vaccines. They even claim that those responsible for the import departments of the business groups have already obtained the availability of 1 million vaccines that could arrive in Brazil in 30 days, after authorization of the purchase. They intend to meet with the new Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, in an attempt to seek a solution.

Hang adds that this request is not intended to interfere or “break” the priority group’s vaccination line, which comprises almost 78 million Brazilians. “What we intend to do is to work in parallel and in solidarity with SUS, bringing the agility of the private initiative to the vaccination process in Brazil. For more than a year, the country and the population have been suffering from restrictive measures that try to contain the pandemic. The consequences go beyond the health crisis. They affect the economy, education, sport, jobs, entertainment, tourism, confidence and credibility in Brazil. The Brazilian bureaucracy is killing 2,000 people a day. The private sector can and wants to add to this race for life. Mass vaccination of the population is the way to return to normal life.