Live “35 years Havan” is marked by Brazilian country hits and hits 250,000 views

Live from Another World, which marked Havan’s 35th anniversary celebration, was a success. The presentation had 250,000 views and was attended by Brazilian country duos Israel and Rodolffo and Marcos and Belutti, and also by presenter Lígia Mendes. There were more than 3 hours of great Brazilian country music hits and lots of entertainment. 

The show was a gift from Havan to customers of the retail chain, which currently has 160 megastores throughout Brazil. The duo Israel and Rodolffo opened the presentation with the hugely popular “Batom de Cereja”. After that, Marcos and Belutti sang several hits from their 10-year career. The duos interspersed their presence on stage and also sang quartet versions. 

The Live was conducted by the presenter Lígia Mendes. Irreverent and owner of a unique charisma, she praised the structure of the event and even compared it to Rock in Rio, joked that it would be “Rock in Roça Havan”. 

The public also interacted with the virtual show, publishing from home on social networks marking Havan, and then their posts were shown on the screen of the event. Even youtuber Viih Tube made a special participation. As it was a birthday party, there was cake, special congratulations and exclusive promotions for those who were watching the Live. 

Havan’s owner Luciano Hang spoke of how happy he was to celebrate 35 years with a Live, thanked Havan’s 20,000 employees, more than 700 suppliers and Havan’s millions of customers. “We believe in Brazil and, therefore, we continue to invest in the country, creating jobs for Brazilians. I never imagined that from a small store of 45m² we would get to where we are. The best thing is to know that we still have a lot to do, we want to build stores in all states and keep growing. We have no limits to our dreams and achievements.” 

Among Live’s funny moments, there was Rodolffo’s attempt to ride the Patriota scooter and also to make Luciano Hang dance on stage. Showing that they were at ease, the artists imitated Silvio Santos and Fausto Silva. They also sang classics Brazilian country music that can’t be missed in any celebration, such as “Evidências”, “Coração está em pedaços”, among other songs that have marked generations. 

It was a night to celebrate a history of work, entrepreneurship, perseverance and the success of a company from Santa Catarina that won Brazil and the hearts of Brazilians.