Havan wins international award for RFID technology


Havan was the winner of 15th RFID Journal Awards, international award realized during the RFID Journal LIVE! 2021, at the end of September, in Phoenix, USA. The retailer was recognized how the best implementation case of identify project by radiofrequency (RFID) in retail.

The System Development of Havan Labs Manager, Alexsandro Eloi Venancia, highlights that the award is a great achievement, because RFID Journal is the bigger global company about RFID and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. “To receive this award is very gratifying, is a recognition for all the work done by Havan team and suppliers, that unanimously adhered to the project expended all the necessary effort for the success of the project. It also reinforces how much Brazilians can be references on several fronts”, he said.

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, emphasizes that this recognize is for all of Labs team, of store employees and suppliers, who embraced the project from the beggining. “Labs, the stores, the suppliers and partners adhered with a lot of energy this project. RFID only works, if the process starts correctly, when the suppliers already prepare the products that come to us. Now we are reaping the fruits of this collective effort ans we are so happy. This award is for Havan family, suppliers, that always are thinking the best for the customer”, he highlights.

The project

The RFID technology was developed internally in Havan Labs, and implemented in record time, just two years, in all of 164 megastores, Distribution Center and 500 suppliers. “Normally, a project of this size takes around 10 years to be 100% implemented”, detail Venancio.

Among the RFID benefits, are the speed and accuracy of barcode readings implanted in products. The technology offers almost of 100% of accuracy in counting and opportunizes that inventories that took days to be made,  be realized in few hours. “Without RFID, we took about 750 hours to take inventory in a store. In fashion department, we needed 15 people over five nights to count all the items. Today, the work is done by a single person, in a few hours, with speed and complete data security. There are gains in information control, in the well-being of employees and even for customers, who are served even more quickly in their demands”, he emphasizes.

The RFID gains apply also for inventory control and distribuction of products in sales area. Being possible to guarantee the distribution for stores with an efficient way, reducing the stock and generating economic results for the company. “With RFID we know exactly if a product is in the sales area or in stock. This control is essential for a well logistic control”, said.

The relevance of RFID technology is so great, that partner companies and Havan’s suppliers have also applied it to their business. “There is a whole chain that has been benefited. When the suppliers know about the benefits, are also bringing into their businesses. Is interesting to see something that was born in Havan is contributing to gain in competitiveness for several companies. It certainlly fills us with pride”.