Havan stations sell gasoline at R$ 3.39 on Zero Tax Day

This Thursday, May 27, the Havan Gas Station chain participates in the “Zero Tax Day” with the sale of tax-free gasoline. At stations located in the cities of Brusque, Barra Velha, Araranguá and Palhoça, the fuel will be sold at R$ 3.39 per liter.

According to the cost coordinator, Rogério Hames, the initiative to adhere to the manifest through the gas stations takes place because around 36% of the fuel price is tax. He explains that during the action, each customer will be able to buy up to 15 liters, and each branch will provide 5 thousand liters with the differentiated value. “The service will start at 9 am and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. All pumps will be open simultaneously and the refueling discount will be automatically given at the cashier. At the time, all conventional forms of payment will be accepted, including the Havan card”, he details.

Zero Tax Day

It is a movement carried out simultaneously in several regions of Brazil, which seeks to raise awareness among the population and protest against the high tax burden. The date was chosen to be May, as it is symbolically the time of year in which Brazilians are able to pay off all their taxes, fees and contributions for the year.

Last year, the Brazilian needed 151 days of work to pay his taxes exclusively. And, according to a survey by the “impostômetro” of the São Paulo Trade Association (ACSP), on May 19, Brazil reached the mark of R$1 trillion in taxes collected since the first day of the year. Last year, this mark was registered on June 27, meaning that in 2021 taxes are weighing on taxpayers even more.