Havan sponsors the first Marathon in Brusque’s history, this Sunday, 29th

This Sunday, August 29th, occur the first Fibra Fisio Marathon, in Brusque. The proof goes down in street runs history in the city, because it will be the first to count with a marathon modality (42km), and the half marathon modality (21km), 10km and 5 km. Furthermore, is the first street run that happens in the country after the pandemic time. Idealized By Fibra Fisio – the biggest Center of Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation of Brazil and sponsored by Havan, the proof is being organized in partnership with the Performance and Health Center – Bay Group, counting too with the Unimed Brusque support. 

Between the athletes, is Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, Brazilian ex-marathon, two-time champion of Pan-American games, bronze medal in 2004 Athene Olympic Games and the only Latin-American bestowed with the Pierre de Coubertin medal, the highest award of humanitarian-sports nature awarded by International Olympic Committee. 

Furthermore, Sergio Rocha, that is runner, youtuber, podcaster, journalist and author of the book “100 coisas que todo corredor deveria saber” will be at the marathon too. And, still, the runner Gustavo Maia, also journalist, filmmaker, writer and presenter of Programa Fôlego, who have in his luggage 87 marathons in more than 40 countries. “We are so happy with all this repercussion and support that first Fibra Fisio Marathon is receiving. We have sold out all the vacancies already in the first weeks of registration and we are very satisfied. We going to have athletes from 8 Brazilian states running in Brusque and we want them to be well received, welcomed and enjoy our race very much”, emphasizes the physical educator Felipe Ristow, from Grupo do Bay. 

The race 

The opening ceremony of first Fibra Fisio Marathon will be at 6am and from there, the starts will happen gradually. The race will pass by the two Brusque’s Beira Rio Avenue, besides crossing the Parque das Esculturas. Some streets in the surroundings will have changes in traffic. 

According to Fibra Fisio’s partners, Daiane Paza and Leonardo Hang, the race realization is an old idea, thought before the Physiotherapy Center opening. “I always will to do a race proof with the clinic opening, but due to the pandemic, we don’t have this chance. In the end of last year, we started the conversation with Grupo do Bay, inviting them to do this proof with us and it worked out very well. The idea is to make event bigger every year”, emphasizes Daiane. 

The physical educator Felipe Ristow, from Grupo do Bay, tell us that the project was organized with a lot of security protocol, with Brusque’s City Hall permission, State Department of Health and Santa Catarina Sports Foundation (Fesporte). “We want to do a differently proof, with focus on runner experience. We are going to put bands and DJs along the way, a very nice start ceremony and other surprises, always thinking in each athlete. How is it going to be a small proof in number of runners, we going to try to make it the most personal is possible, in order to each athlete have a very nice and challenger experience. 

The proof had limited registration of 300 runners. It happens because the classification of risk that Brusque was inserted. Each athlete will receive a proof kit and participation medal. “Will be a safety and controlled event, we make a proof with several distances to allow all that run, the opportunity to participate. The race will be a present for Brusque, and for the person that want to participate. As a reference clinic in sport rehabilitation and physiotherapy is a way that promote the physical and mental health and social well-being”, emphasizes Daiane Paza. 


1ª Fibra Fisio Marathon 

August 29th – Brusque / SC 


Proofs of 42k, 21k, 10k and 5k