Havan sets sponsorship with boxer Esquiva Falcão

Havan, the largest department store in Brazil, is the new sponsor of the Olympic medalist, Esquiva Falcão. The athlete was without sponsorship and was unable to train since the beginning of the pandemic. To seek a new source of income, Esquiva started selling and delivering pizzas in Vila Velha (ES), where he lives.

Esquiva Falcão was the first Brazilian boxer to win the silver medal at an Olympics. He achieved the feat at the London Olympics in 2012. He has 28 fights and 28 victories on his resume, 20 of which by knockout. “With the pandemic, the fights were canceled, so I lost my source of income. I was no longer able to dedicate myself to training and started delivering pizzas that my wife made”, he says.

To announce the new work, the athlete posted a photo on social networks delivering the pizzas. The image went viral and Lucas Hang, a Havan collaborator and Luciano Hang’s son, was touched by the case. “I contacted him because he looks like Havan. He is simple, is not afraid to work and has a history of overcoming”, he says.

Esquiva Falcão is the new athlete sponsored by Havan. This year alone, Havan will allocate more than R$ 27 million to projects and sponsorships. “To sponsor is to believe. We believe in Brazil and Brazilians. It is an honor to be able to encourage athletes and artists who make the difference, especially in this pandemic scenario, where so many people have lost their livelihood”, says Luciano Hang, Havan’s owner.