Havan opens two megastores in RS in less than 15 days

Havan will open at Thursday, August 12th, the number 163 megastore, in Porto Alegre. Is the second opened of the retailer in the state of Rio Grande do Sul within 15 days. Last day 29, was opened to the public Havan in Rio Grande. In Porto Alegre, the retailer will be at Assis Brasil Avenue, nº 11.120, with daily operation, since 9am from 10pm. 

With 20 thousand m² of building area and almost a thousand parking space, Porto Alegre’s Havan will count with the mix of 350 thousand of items in different departments, like: bed, bath and table, electric, electronics, housewares, and others. The enterprise will have food court, the traditional stylized American House White front and the Statue of Liberty. 

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, emphasizes that the chain should achieve 170 megastores until the end of this year. He highlights that most important of the number of branches, is the jobs generated in each megastore, that add about of 200 new opportunities to each enterprise. “What makes us to take stores around this country is seeing how important is to have a job in a person’s life. Having a job, people have your free and dignity ensured. I get very emotional when I open a new Havan and could provide a new life for lots of people” said. 


What: Havan 163 Open, in Porto Alegre (RS) 

When: Thursday, August 12th  

Where: Assis Brasil Avenue, nº 11.120, district of Sarandi 

What time: since 9am from 10pm