Havan makes a surprise for autistic boy in Campo Grande (MS)

The service of an employee at the Havan megastore, in Campo Grande (MS), went viral this week. The employee of the Customer Service department, Érica Cristina Gonçalves Barbosa, had an empathetic attitude when she witnessing a crisis of an autistic child. The action garnered praise from boy’s family and the subject was widely publicized on social networks and in the local press.  

It happens last Saturday, 21st, when Pedro Henrique, 9 years, was at Havan store with his mom, Vanessa Lino. In love for Hot Wheels, when the boy saw a car track, was delighted and wanted to take the toy home. But the family don’t have conditions to buy, the boy ended up having a crisis. Trying to quiet him, Erica had the idea to make a present and give it to the boy, that at the same time opened a happiness smile. Vanessa related all in her social media: “God put an angel in the form of an attendant at Norte Sul store that was very thoughtful and comprehensive with the situation”. 

Surprise for Pedro 

When the Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, knows what happened, authorized the delivery of the toy to the boy. The Havan’s team of Campo Grande store went to Pedro’s house and happened a real party, with cake, celebration and amotion. Luciano also made a point of congratulating the employee for her attitude, in a videocall. “I’m so happy to know about Erica’s attitude, are actions like this that can change a life of a person and show how much we have human employees”, he talks.