Havan launches social network for its employees

If there’s something Brazilians like it’s being connected and, mainly, using social networks. According to the “Digital 2021” report, around 70% of the population uses a social network in their daily lives. In addition, we are one of the countries that spends more time online, the daily average is 3 hours. This information reflects profound changes in the way we communicate, including in corporate communication. Seeking to combine all of this, Havan launched this June, “Encantar”, a corporate social network aimed at interactive communication with more than 20 thousand employees. The novelty was part of the actions that marked Havan’s 35th anniversary, celebrated on the 26th and was presented to employees in a special live. 

Havan’s Institutional Marketing Coordinator, Ana Maria Leal da Veiga, details that the purpose of the new platform is to ensure assertive communication among the entire Havan team. Currently, the retailer has 160 megastores in 19 Brazilian states, which makes it even more challenging to bring information in a homogeneous way to the entire chain. “We relied on a passive communication format. So, we were looking for a tool that would make it possible to have an interactive and agile process with all teams. More than passing on the message, we want to know how it reaches employees and how they received it”, he explains. 

Employees have access to “Encantar” through an application available for both smartphones and computers. On the platform, users will access the intranet, share their day-to-day work, interact with their colleagues publications and, above all, will be part of a democratic and collaborative professional environment. “We want it to be a platform for employee exchange and valorization. Havan is going through a great moment of digital transformation. The implementation of the corporate social network is a very important initiative, as it demonstrates that this process is happening from the inside out”, emphasizes the head of Digital Transformation at Havan, Matheus Hang. 

The solution was developed by Dialog, an internal communication and HR startup, which has around 250,000 employees in its user base, serving more than 50 different companies, all large and many in the retail segment. “It’s motivating to contribute to the pillars of digital transformation and employee engagement at a retailer the size of Havan. We believe that our application will help to increase the involvement of teams with the company and, consequently, the performance of the business”, highlights the startup’s CEO, André Franco. 

Ana Maria points out that already in the testing phase the employees responded with great enthusiasm to “Encantar”. From the very beginning, the engagement of teams and interaction on the platform showed that the initiative will be a great success. “We are very excited and believe that it will be a great step forward for the employees. We are an organization with a very strong culture and we wanted to give this birthday gift to those who reflect every day Havan’s way of delighting customers. Our employees are a key part of our success”, she concludes.