Havan launches program to attract new suppliers to the Fashion sector

Havan is looking for new suppliers for the Fashion sector. To select the new partners, it launched on Monday, 11, the “Gigantes da Moda Havan” program, where clothing companies from all over the country can become suppliers of one of the fastest growing chains of megastores in Brazil.

The initiative seeks Brazilian clothing companies focused on the private label (PL) model, that is, companies that will manufacture the pieces of Havan’s own brands in the women’s, men’s, children’s lingerie and sports lines. Among the requirements are the production capacity of more than 200 thousand pieces per month, delivery time and other specifications necessary to be a supplier to Havan.

To participate it is necessary to register on the program’s website: www.gigantesdamoda.apps.havan.com.br. Registration will continue until January 25th. After this stage, the selected ones will be invited to participate in a service round in February, at the Havan Administrative Center, in Brusque (SC). Those selected will develop the collections for the summer season 2021/2022. “We have no limit on the number of companies that we are going to select to be our partners. We will analyze the techniques of sewing, finishing, raw material, etc.”, explains the purchasing manager of the Fashion sector, Juliana Nunes Pereira.

She reinforces that the expansion of the fashion sector’s supplier network is a reflection of Havan’s expansion, in addition to the projects to strengthen the retailer’s own brands. “This year we are going to open another 20 megastores and we need to count on partners to meet all this demand”, she observes. At the moment, Havan has 153 megastores present in 17 Brazilian states.

Havan’s owner Luciano Hang emphasizes how happy he is to offer opportunities for new companies to become partners in the retail chain. “Nobody does anything alone. If we grow, our partners grow too. It is great to know that we need more suppliers, as it is a sign that we are contributing to make the wheel of the economy spin, offering opportunities in different segments. After all, this company that will serve Havan will also need its suppliers and successively everyone will develop and create opportunities. This is the Brazil we want”, he concludes.

See the video made by Luciano Hang and Juliana Nunes Pereira talking about the Fashion Giants here