Havan launches “Caminhão Premiado” with a monthly draw of R$100 thousand in prizes

This customer day, Havan launches a promotion that will give the public one more reason to buy in one of the most of 64 megastores scattered in Brazil. The retailer launches the campaign “Caminhão Premiado”, with monthly draw of R$100 thousand in prizes to Havan’s customers. 

The draw will be realized in the last Saturday of each month by Federal lottery. Every month, will have a client contemplated and the new is available to all the Havan megastores. 

How to compete? 

To participate in the promotion, just is necessary that the client to join to DIH Insurance (Hospital Admission Rates), for the amount of R$19,90 valid for 30 days. The joined can be done at Customer Space and in the Electronics Sector of the stores. 

This insurance is a new Havan product, that guarantee assistance to the client if remains hospitalized due to accident or illness. “With this insurance, the customer is entitled to daily in the amount of R$180,00. Doing the adhesion for just R$19,90 the customer can receive until 30 dailies. In addition to, when purchasing the service, the customer is automatically participating of Prize Truck draw”, detail the Products and Services manager, Ana Claudia Noronha. 

Who can participate? 

Any Havan customer, with age between 18 to 70 years, can purchase the DIH Insurance for R$19,90. Is possible to do the purchase of most of one insurance, and, consequently, grow the chances to win the prize. “The interesting thing is that the chances of being awarded are very significant, because the promotion is destinated for a specific public, in other words, Havan’s customers that adhere to the insurance”, said Ana Claudia.