Havan is finalist of an international award with radio frequency identification technology (RFID)

Havan, one of the biggest retailers in Brazil, is finalist of RFID Journal Awards, international award that recognizes success stories in implantation of radio frequency identification technology – RFID. The winners will be recognized in RFID Journal LIVE! That will happen in Phoenix, Arizona, in USA, from 26th to 28th of September. 

The Company compete in “Improved Retail RFID Implementation” category and, only two Brazilian companies was selected to the award. The RFID Journal Awards is realized annually by RFID Journal, which is the main source of news and information detailed about RFID and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. “We are very happy to see our effort be globally recognized. We believe that will bring this award to Havan”, said the Havan Labs manager of system development, Alexsandro Eloi Venâncio. 

RFID is a technology that enables to do the radio frequency identification of all the products with digital tags, through a high technology microchip. The RFID implementation put Havan like a reference in Latin America. The project was developed internally at Havan Labs and was implanted in two years, a record time, in all of 163 megastores, warehouse and 500 providers. “Usually, a project with this size, takes around 10 years to be 100% implanted”, said Venâncio.  

Among the benefits of RFID, are the speed and accuracy. The technology offers practically 100% of accuracy in product count and opportunize the inventory that took days to be made, to be carried out in a few hours. “It took us about 750 hours to take inventory in a store. At fashion department, for example, we needed 15 people for 5 nights to count all of items. Today, the work is done by a person, in few hours, quickly and with complete security of the data”, he emphasizes. 

The RFID earnings be applied to inventory control and items distribution at sales area. Being possible to guarantee an efficient way of distribution to the stores, decreasing the inventory and generating savings to the Companie. “With RFID we know exactly if determined item is at sales area or in the stock. This control is fundamental for a good logistic management”, he said. 

Photo credit from the Brusque store, Fernando Morini – MD Drone