Havan is an exclusive sponsor of a 100% Brazilian new reality show

Reality shows are popular with Brazilians. Betting in a totally original format and with an exclusive sponsor of Havan, “Ilha Record” is going. The program opens on July 26th, with Sabrina Sato’s command. 

Havan’s sponsorship will give to the retail chain, that has most of 161 megastores in 19 states, exhibition in lots of reality moments. The attraction will air from Monay to Saturday, from 11h45 and will continue until September. 

“Ilha Record” occur in a paradise island in the Brazilian Coast, where to celebrities group compete searching treasures and awards. The home’s people will have a fundamental role, because will define the head of dispute. 

It will be the first edition of the program and the winner will takes home the award of R$500 hundred, and the participant that is elected by the public will gain R$250 hundred. “It will be a reality the will have the best of we had saw in this type of program. Ilha Record in a reality that are thought to Brazilian people and Havan, that is the most loved store of Brazil, hug this project and we are sure that will do a great success”, say the Havan’s responsible of offline media area, Rafaela dos Santos. 


Sabrina: Antonio Chahestian/Record TV Divulgation 

Island: Record TV Divulgation