Havan is again featured in the Top Marketing and Sales ADVB / SC retail/

The department store chain, Havan, was one of the winners in the Top of Marketing and Sales 2020 of the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil ADVB / SC. The “Leap Year” campaign, which explored “4 facts that happen every 4 years”, earned the retailer the highlight in the retail category. The award took place this Tuesday, 8, in a hybrid format, in Florianópolis.

The “Leap Year” campaign had 16 million views, brought 28 thousand new subscribers to YouTube and represented the visit of approximately 59 thousand people in physical stores. Sales on February 29 of that year were 64% higher than on the same day in 2019.

Havan has been recognized consecutively with the award, whether in the retail category, as Sales Personality, aimed at the owner of Havan, Luciano Hang or even with the “Top One” of the Year, an award given to the company with the best evaluation of its strategy of marketing, among all ADVB’s winners.

The Top of Marketing and Sales ADVB / SC is in its 35th edition and with the motto “Transformations that drive the market”, the award recognized companies from Santa Catarina that have relevant marketing and sales strategies that contribute to the achievement of solid results in their operations. The cases are divided into six categories: Communication, Industry, Micro and Small Business, Services, Technology and Retail and were evaluated by a committee composed of professors from the Higher School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM).

Havan’s owner Luciano Hang emphasizes that it is always a pride to win the Top of Marketing and Sales. “Advertisement is the soul of the business. Nobody grows, shows their product and evolves if they don’t advertise. In recent times, we have diversified the means of service and adjusted the focus also to the digital channels, which gained prominence in 2020”.