Havan invests more than R$ 7 million this year in sponsoring social and cultural projects

Havan, the largest department store in the country with 155 units in 17 states, will invest more than R$ 7 million this year in sponsoring social and cultural projects. These are projects in the areas of health, culture, sports, social assistance for the elderly, children and adolescents. For execution in 2021, 61 orders were selected from the thousands that are submitted every month.

According to the person responsible for the sponsorship area, Raquel Alberton C. Werner, the projects are selected according to the social relevance and the difference they will make in the lives of the people and the community where Havan stores are located. For Havan’s owner Luciano Hang, sponsoring projects means investing in the future of Brazil, with more opportunities for everyone. “It is a way of giving back to the community a little of what we have gained and contributing to the growth of everyone”, he emphasizes.

Among those selected, some are carried out through incentive laws and others through direct sponsorship. Since 2011, Havan has allocated part of its revenue to social projects. For that, there is even an exclusive department to attend and analyze all orders. In these 10 years, approximately 380 projects that impacted the lives of thousands of people have already been contemplated.

Among those who have received resources are: the Brusque Volleyball School (ABEL), Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, in Curitiba, which treats children with cancer, the Bolshoi Ballet Theater School and the Itá City Hall, which has a project focused on elderly people and is a reference in quality of life for people over 60 years old.