Havan in Cascavel (PR) achieves the record of collection in Troco Solidário campaign, in 2021’s first semester

The megastore Havan in Cascavel, at Paraná, achieves the record of collection in Troco Solidário campaign, in 2021’s first semester. The branch addicted R$128 hundred in donation, that will be destinated to Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcioanis (APAE). The official sent of the resources will be done by Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, on Tuesday, August 17th, at 2pm, at the entity’s headquarters. 

In total, the action addicted almost of R$5 millions of donations did by customers in all the country. The values will be destinated for 133 social institutions present in cities that the retailer have branches. 

Troco Solidário Havan is realized from 11 year and this time had benefited most of a thousand Brazilian institution, and collected almost of R$40 millions. A result that only is possible thanks to the customers engagement, that contributes with the initiative. 

To participate of Troco Solidário campaign the institutions should look for one of the 163 Havan megastore and register the institution. The entity passes for an evaluation and is necessary that it have its own CNPJ, bank account, bylaws and suitability. 


What: Troco Solidário Havan delivery 

When: Tuesday, August 17th  

Where: APAE Cascavel – Manaus Street, 3990 – district of Recanto Tropical – Cascavel – PR 

What time: 2pm 

More information: imprensa@havan.com.br