Havan Group register a R$437,23 millions profit in the first semester

Havan Group, that includes all of 162 stores, investment funds, holding, gas stations and small hydropower plant, registered in the first semester a net profit of R$437,23 millions, the equivalent of a 92,4% growth comparing to the same period of last year. The Gross Revenue of the first six months of 2021 was R$5,48 billion, a growth of 26,3% comparing to last year and 13,8% comparing to the same period of 2019. 

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang emphasizes that the positive Group result is a reflex of collective effort. The Group did a precise control of operational expenses, besides being reaping fruits in the assertiveness of granting credit, improving the performance regarding the losses. 

“We need to be fast in decision-mark since the start of the pandemic and the results are appearing. But we can’t stop praising the commitment and effort of our employees to the goals were achieved. So, I’m very happy that in July I paid the PPR for our most of 21 thousands of employees. They are part of this positive result”, size up. 

The Group had achieved better sales result, even having a second wave of Covid, in the first quarter, since April, when the stores started to reopen. In May, there was a growth of 59,1% comparing to the same period of 2020; and in June a growth of 47,8% comparing to the same month at last year. “Is good to remind that in a normal situation the weekends represent 40% of our sales and, even in May and June, on Saturday and specially, on Sunday, we had some stores closed”, said. 

Concerning the net profit improvement of the period, the Group had improvements associated to Gross Margins. All of Group segments had grown. But, is better to highlight that the textile segment it was the one with the most accentuated growth.