Havan, for the third consecutive year, is considerate one of the best companies to work for

Havan was certified third time with the GPTW seal – Great Place to Work, considered one of the best companies to work for. The company was evaluated by employees of their 162 stores being in 19 states and Distrito Federal, administrative center and distribution center teams. 

The seal comes to confirm the good habits in favor the employees, as an appreciation, respect for differences, growth opportunities and development, and others questions. The Human Resources manager, Aurelio Paduano, highlight that this certification has a special flavor, as it confirms that the company have excellent Policys directed to the employee’s well-being. “Even coming from a difficult moment, of a Pandemic, with expenses control, we could keep the satisfaction between our employees. And it doesn’t have price”, said. 

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, reaffirm that Havan just is giant because the commitment of their 21 thousand of employees. “Are they that everyday wear the yellow and green shirt and take seriously the mission of delight the customers. Know that them feel accepted and valued is my biggest happiness”, highlight the businessman. 

The seal is granted by the consultancy Great Place to Work, world authority on matters of the world of work. Was selected for the search about of a thousand employees, randomly chosen and they’re answered most of 60 questions. “The employee’s percentage that answer the search was something very positive. We had almost 800 participants”, detail the Development coordinator, Goreti Maestri. 

Next step 

Now Havan will participate of a step that appoint the ranking of the best companies to work for. This year, the Company dispute the “Varejo Nacional – grande porte” cathegory. According to Goreti, this moment will be considerated the informations about people management practices of Havan. “From there, the GPTW consultancy analyses a serie of datas, such as reports and evidence of actions. In the end of the year, will be divulgated the ranking”, concludes. Last year, Havan takes the 8th place in “Varejo Nacional – grande porte” cathegory. And in the state, “Grandes Empresas” cathegory, in 4th.