Havan donates the second respirator to Barra Velha (SC)

Havan just donated the second respirator to reinforce the attendance in health at the city of Barra Velha, north coast of Santa Catarina. The city houses the distribution center of the retail chain, one of the biggest in Latin America. The equipment, this time a fixed respirator, was destinated to the Company to reinforce the attendance to the patients with Covid-19 at the city, totaling R$80 thousand in donations.

In April, Havan had acquired a portable respirator, at the value of R$23 thousand and the equipment was forwarded to the “Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência” (SAMU). At the time of doing the donation, has been verified the necessity to send another equipment to attend the demand of the city, that has a population of almost 30 thousand people.

The first respirator was installed at the Samu’s ambulance, that stay in Jaragua do Sul base and attends North-North East Macro region of the state, between the cities of Joinville, Barra Velha and others cities until Porto União, totaling more than 1 million people assisted. The second equipment will be used at the prompt service of Barra Velha, at the department focused on Covid-19 patients. “We have a lot of affection and gratefulness for the city, only here we have 1,5 thousand employees and we know how important it is the help of all of them. With the bought of two respirators, Havan has donated about R$ 80 thousand to the city. We are very happy to help Barra Velha and all the region. If everyone works together, we can make the difference.”, says Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang.

The health secretary of Barra Velha, Mauricio Coimbra, highlights that the respirators are meeting important demands at Barra Velha and region. He says that there were occasions where the Samu’s ambulance went to Joinville to borrow a respirator to serve patients of Barra Velha. “There were also cases in which we had to lend the only respirator of Barra Velha so the transportation could happen, leaving the city without any respirator in case of an emergency. With these donations, the population of Barra Velha will benefit with the agility and lives can be saved.”, said the secretary.