Havan donates duvets and clothes to those affected by the rains in Canelinha (SC)

This Friday, June 11, Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, received the mayor of Canelinha, Diogo Maciel, for the delivery of duvets and clothes, which will be destined for the population affected by the rains that fell in the region in the last days. 

During the early hours of Wednesday, 9, it rained 246 millimeters, which was expected for the entire month in the city. The heavy rains wreaked havoc in all neighborhoods, making the population become stranded due to the fall of barriers. Data from the city shows that 843 people were affected and of those, 17 were left homeless. 

Havan has destined 50 comforters and 700 pieces of clothing for the city, of which 400 are women’s and 300 men’s. Donations will be sent to Social Assistance, which will allocate them to those who need them most. The request for help for Canelinha came to the company by volunteers from the city, City Hall and City Council. “Nature, sometimes, reserves these big storms for us. At this moment, we believe that everyone who can should contribute to alleviate the community’s losses. We believe in the power of gestures in favor of other people, these are attitudes that make the difference. I’m sure that everything will soon be in the past, we are rooting for the population of Canelinha”, says Luciano Hang. 

The mayor of Canelinha highlighted the importance of companies and the community’s help in situations like this. “This type of event is difficult for us to predict, fortunately we are managing to serve the population efficiently. But the solidarity of people and companies, like Havan, makes all the difference. We are very grateful for the help”, concludes Maciel.