Havan donates 200 duvets to Rio Grande’s city hall

This Thursday, July 28th, was opened a new Havan megastore in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, this time in Rio Grande town. And the company gifted the town with the donation of 200 duvets to the city hall. The mayor Fabio Branco celebrates the donation. According to him, it will be very useful, mainly, on this days of intense cold. 

About 100 units will be used to the attendance of Centro de Acolhimento Renascer no Espírito (Care) and donated to homeless that don’t want to go to the shelter, and the others will be at Social Assistance to be donated to people in social vulnerability. 

Rio Grande is the oldest city in Rio Grande do Sul, and has about 200 thousands of population. The open of Havan had been expected with a lot of expectation due to the job generation. “Havan is an important investment to the city, because it generates job and income. I had a true entrepreneurship class in the open ceremony with the businessman, Luciano Hang, and your employees”, said the Mayor. 

The 162nd is the 12nd in the State and was generated about of 200 job positions. With 10 thousand m² of building area, the store count with 350 thousands of items, among electro and electronic products, bed, table and bath, housewares, fashion, toys and much more. The operation is from 9am to 10pm.