Havan debuts new attraction on Domingo Legal (SBT)

After the success of the “Comprar é bom, levar é melhor” attraction, Havan bets on a new partnership with the Domingo Legal program, on SBT. The retailer debuts a new attraction on the TV Program led by Celso Portiolli, “Quem Arrisca Ganha mais”, which starts this Sunday, June 20, at 11am. 

“Quem Arrisca Ganha Mais” will be a game show that can give up to R$100 thousand in Havan products to the participants of each program. Two pairs will face each other in each edition. They will be received by Portiolli and will have their stories shown on stage. Will be able to participate: couples who are newly married or about to get married, siblings, father and son, mother-in-law and son-in-law, that is, two members of the same family who really want to improve the comfort of their home with Havan prizes. 

The attraction will be divided into two moments: the first step will be recorded at the newly opened megastore, in Osasco (SP) and there, each pair will have R$50 thousand to buy the products of their dreams. Back on the stage of Domingo Legal, it will be time to the pairs face each other to ensure that they take the products home. The pairs will even be able to win the opponents prizes, thus totaling the R$100 thousand in prizes. To achieve the maximum value, the participants will have to beat four skills tests, speed and race against time. 

To mark the debut with style, the owner of Havan, Luciano Hang, will make a special participation in the first episode and will be on the show’s stage this Sunday, 20th. He says he is very happy to sign another partnership with Domingo Legal and with SBT. “It’s a show that is all about Havan, fun, light and intended for the whole family. As “Comprar é Bom, Levar é Melhor”, I’m sure it will be another audience success!”. 

See how to participate in the program here.