Havan Children’s Day Campaign bet on the educational use of toys


Much more than funny, games can be an excellent tool for children’s learning. In addition, one of the main challenges for parents today is to adapt the routine to have a quality relationship with their children. Thinking about it, the Havan Children’s Day Campaign bet in some tips on the educational use of toys and also on family leisure time.

Counting with support of psychologist Tais Bussolo, the retailer had prepared a video with some tips of how to use the toys for fun and teaching. Among the examples is the game “Pizzaria Maluca”, which encourages the little ones to get to know food better, awakening the possibility of tasting new flavors. And yet, be the starting point for an interaction between the family to go to the supermarket or go out to dinner. “It is a way for the child to feel important, as they are participating in an activity with their parents. It is very important to give quality to the time spent with the children, even is it is only 10 minutes”, she told.

Another toy that could help on social development is the line Pop it Yes Toys, offered octagonal, dinosaur, heart, among others. This toy resembles bubble wrap and helps not only children, but also adults to relieve stress and anxiety by squeezing the bubbles. The toy also helps to improve concentration.

Tais also gives tips on the anti-stress box, a light way of inserting in the children’s environment a moment for children to deal with their emotions. Knowing how to understand that situations like this are part of everyone’s daily life. “Children also need to have an outlet to de-stress, when they understand that these toys can be a way to calm them down, since they are small thay learn to deal with their emotions, they begin to perceive themselves in their individuality”, she guides.

The campaign’s editor, Rafael Franceschet, emphasizes that the campaign’s objective is precisely to show that playtime can be not only fun, but an opportunity to interact with children. “Every moment of play is an opportunity for social and educational development for the child. The idea of the video is to bring the idea that the family needs quality moments with children, because those who have been children know the power that these moments have in development and especially in the construction of heatlhy memories”, he reiteres.

Turminha da Havan

Havan is very concerned about combining play with education and that is why it has maintaned, since 2019, the “Turminha da Havan”, https://www.youtube.com/c/TurminhadaHavan. The channel’s proposal, which has more than 300,000 subscribers, is to entertain children in a playful and educational way, emphasizing the main human values.

Turminha da Havan has new content every fortnight ans is qualified for dissemination on the kids platform. This means that the content has been curated and selected by YouTube itslef, attesting to the quality and security of the information displayed. YouTube Kids has parental control and video filtering features that are considered inappropriate for children under 12 years old.