Havan and Flamengo sets sponsorship for the uniform sleeve

Havan, the biggest chain of department stores in Brazil, signed an agreement to be the new sponsor of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. The retail giant will be present in the sleeves of the professional football team’s uniform until December 2021.

“Havan, due to its chain of nearly 160 stores throughout Brazil and its great commercial competence, will be another important partner. We are very happy to have signed this agreement. It is another successful company that joins Flamengo. Now we are going to wait for the contract approval by the club’s advisors so that we can start the work”, celebrates Gustavo Oliveira, Flamengo’s Vice President of Communication and Marketing.

Havan’s New Business Manager, Lucas Hang, highlighted that the partnership represents a historic meeting. “Havan has always believed and supported the sport. Traditionally, we are passionate about football. We are very happy to join the club and the Red-Black Nation. Like Flamengo, Havan has a special love relationship with its customers, which we affectionately call fans. For sure, it’s the union of a big team with a big company. It will be a winning partnership!”, he said.

The beginning of the display of the Havan logo on the shirt sleeves is expected to take place as soon as the Team’s Deliberative Council approves.

About Havan

Havan is a Santa Catarina company founded 35 years ago in Brusque (SC). In 2020, Havan recorded R$10 billion and had a 30% growth in net income. Currently, the retailer has 157 megastores, present in 18 Brazilian states, and more than 20 thousand employees. In addition, it has one of the largest Distribution Centers in Latin America, with 200 thousand m², in Barra Velha (SC).