Havan allocates R$ 200,000 for lighting the Brusque stadium

Havan has just secured another improvement for Brusque Futebol Clube. The retailer destined R$200,000 for the project for the new lighting at the Augusto Bauer stadium. The installation of new reflectors is already happening and the improvements should be ready by June 18th. 

 The project foresees that the space will have 66 new LED reflectors, as requested by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The total investment will be R$750 thousand, including the cranes and the structure to carry out the installations. The improvements on Augusto Bauer are necessary so that Bruscão be able to host the Serie B night games at home.  

Other improvements 

In addition to being Brusque FC’s master sponsor since 1997, Havan has already secured several improvements for the city’s team. Last year, R$ 126,000 were destined to the irrigation system and the placement of new grass in the same Stadium, so that Brusque could play with better quality. These improvements were made in partnership with Brusque’s City Hall.