Havan allocates more than R $ 5 million to health in 2020

Havan believes that companies and public authorities should come together to build a better country for the population. For this reason, one of the axes of the retailer’s social responsibility actions is the support and sponsorship of initiatives aimed at the health area. In 2020, the company allocated more than R$ 5 million to hospitals and entities that operate in the segment. Among the chosen ones are Azambuja Hospital, Brusque (SC), São José de Rio Preto Base Hospital (SP), Materno Infantil Hospital, Apucarana (PR), and Santa Casa de Pelotas (RS).

São José do Rio Preto

The Base Hospital, in the city of São José de Rio Preto, the second largest university hospital in the country, received help for the project “Adote um Leito Idoso”. With the assistance, the Hospital is seeking to increase its service capacity to 360 hospitalizations of elderly people in the Palliative Care Unit and 1,008 hospitalizations of elderly people in the Geriatric Unit.

Another project from the same hospital, a reference in neonatology in the interior of São Paulo, which was contemplated by Havan was the “Adote um Leito UTI Neonatal”. Each year, 4,400 babies are born in the health unit, of whom about 25% are premature. According to the responsible for Institutional Relations at the Hospital, Sérgio Brogna, Havan is collaborating to maintain the cost of exams, medications and specialized professionals. “The help of Havan and other companies is essential to maintaining our projects and even expanding them.”


The person responsible for the Projects and Fundraising of the “Hospital Materno Infantil”, in Apucarana (PR), Paulo Zaias, says that Havan’s help aims to help humanize and improve the quality of pediatric and obstetric care. The hospital serves, in addition to Apucarana, another 17 municipalities in the Vale do Ivaí region. The hospital performs more than 29 thousand attendances a year. “Our projects are always aimed at improving diagnosis, monitoring and clinical care, in addition to the acquisition of equipment and furniture that provide improvements in the provision of services”, ensures Zaias.


The Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Pelotas (RS) serves a population of about 1 million people in the southern region of the country. Most of the visits are made through the Unified Health System (SUS). The project that Havan contemplated aims at humanized care for newborn children. With the resources it was possible to purchase equipment and materials in order to replace the depreciated ones and carry out reforms in the physical areas of the nursery, maternity and pediatrics. “Havan’s help is very important, because that way, we will be able to provide a more qualified service to our children”, says the project advisor, Mauren Wenzke.


Havan is always helping hospitals and projects focused on the health and well-being of the population. Last year, the company helped the Hospital Nova Trento with the donation of sheets and quilts. Havan also intermediated the donation of 10 thousand KN95 masks and 2 thousand protection glasses to hospitals and professionals. The PPE were destinated to Hospital Azambuja, Hospital dos Imigrantes and Hospital Dom Joaquim, and they were also donated to the city’s public health network professionals.

The company also paid for the displacement of 12 nurses, coming from Fortaleza (CE), to work at the Hospital Azambuja directly in the fight against Covid-19. In addition, Havan, together with other entrepreneurs, donated more than R$ 6 million to the unit, resources that were used in the expansion of the adult ICU, installation of a neonatal ICU, new reception, improvement in the emergency room and in the construction of a hemodynamics center.