“Gigantes da Moda Havan” selects 140 new suppliers in an unprecedented initiative in the retailer

The “Gigantes da Moda Havan” program has just completed the stage of selecting new clothing suppliers for the retail chain. Altogether, there were almost 500 registered to participate in the unprecedented program, which stands out by allowing any company, from anywhere in Brazil, to become a supplier to Havan. 140 new service providers were selected and on March 9, they will participate of a Live and together with the current suppliers, they will see the summer collection 2021/2022.

The purchasing manager of the fashion sector, Juliana Nunes, says that the trends, color table and patterns of clothing from Havan’s own brands will be presented. “With the selected ones, Havan has 300 suppliers from all over Brazil to develop its fashion collections. We are very happy with the companies’ interest in working for Havan. It is a sign of respect and credibility for our history. The chosen ones are companies focused on the private label (PL) model that will produce the pieces of the Havan brand in the feminine, masculine, infantile, lingerie and sports lines”, she explains.

Juliana also details that the selection process was quite rigorous, there was an analysis of sewing techniques, finishing, raw material, in addition to the company’s productive capacity, which needed to be 200 thousand pieces/month. A key issue aimed at meeting Havan’s demand.

The program was born because Havan is expanding its network of suppliers in the fashion sector in order to strengthen its own brands. In addition, the company continues with the expansion project. This year, Havan plans to inaugurate 20 new megastores, with an investment of approximately R$ 400 million and generation of 3 thousand new jobs. At the moment, there are 155 projects present in 17 states.

Havan’s owner Luciano Hang emphasizes how happy he is to offer opportunities for new companies to become partners in the retail chain. “Nobody does anything alone. If we grow, our partners grow too. It is very good to know that we need more suppliers, as it is a sign that we are contributing to making the wheel of the economy spin, offering opportunities in different segments. After all, this company that will serve Havan will also need its suppliers and successively everyone will develop and create opportunities. This is the Brazil we want”, he concludes.