Fan’s love: Have makes a surprise Vasco’s fans in the team’s birthday

This Saturday, August 21st, the Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama do it’s 123rd birthday.  Havan is an official sponsor of the team, and prepared a special gift to the cruzmaltina fans. The result was released at Havan’s social medias, Luciano Hang’s social media and Vasco da Gama’s social media. 

The proposal was praising the vascaino’s love by the team. Two fanatic fans by the team were invited to went to Havan and join for a video talking about their love story by the team. What they didn’t know is that their idols, ex-player Carlos Germano, and current member of the cast, the lineman Germán Cano, would do a surprise for them. 

Quite emotional, the fans didn’t hold back the tears of joy. Beyond the idol’s messages, they get an official shirt and other gifts from Vasco. “I just have to thanks Havan. We can’t explain a fan’s love, we feel it with all heart. Thanks, Havan, for sponsor my Vascão, the sponsorship helps a lot and opportunize that we have the happiness to see our team playing. Today is a day that have changed my life”, said the fan, Marcos Antônio de Souza. 

The fan, Nicoli Yasmin Groh, emphasizes how much the love for Vasco was important for she wins the depression in 2018. Days before to complete 15 years, she given up from your party and asked to go to Rio de Janeiro to visit São Januário, the Vasco da Gama’s stadium. “The love that I have from Vasco helped me a lot and today I’m realizing most one dream. I never believed that could be possible something like that, that will receive a message from a player that I’m a fan. There’s no definition my gratefulness. Thanks Havan!”, said. 

After the surprises, the fans were received by Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, that emphasizes how much important is the fans appreciation, “Are them that given forces and incentive the teams all the moments”. “We are so happy to recognize any that loves the team, that follow and always are present. With the tribute that we have done from them, we want to recognize all of Vasco’s fans and congratulate the team for the birthday.  Sponsor is believing and we are honored in stamp the Vasco’s shirt and be with the team in this special date.” 

See how was the surprise for fans: PARABÉNS, VASCO DA GAMA | LUCIANO HANG