“Empresários em Ação” Group donates 2 thousand Covid-19 tests to Brusque

The group “Empresários em Ação Contra a Covid-19” delivered, this Wednesday, 23, 2,000 rapid tests of Covid-19 to the city of Brusque. The tests will be used to serve the population at the Triage Center, located in the Fenarreco pavilion. 

The rapid diagnostic tests for Covid-19 antigens, which confirm whether the person has the virus, were acquired by the group of businessmen, led by businessman Luciano Hang, who joined together to help the city hall in the fight against Covid-19 in Brusque. They bought medication for preventive and early treatment, such as ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D, tests and even paid for hospital beds. “It’s the second time we’ve donated tests. This is a fight for all of us, we have been united since the beginning of the year, as the objective is to save lives”, he says. 

The infectious disease physician at the Health Department, Ricardo Alexandre Freitas, received the donation and emphasized the importance of rapid testing for disease control. “We want to thank the entrepreneurs for their support, these vaccines are enough to do the testing for 1 month. It is very important to quickly test the population to avoid contagion to other people and the evolution of the disease. We are still fighting the virus, in Brusque we have a low lethality rate, the cases are gradually decreasing, but we need to stay alert and any help is welcome. We believe that with the advance of vaccination, soon we will have the virus under control”, he concludes.