Eighth season of the attraction “Comprar é bom, levar é melhor”, with Celso Portiolli, will distribute more than R $ 1 million in products

The 100th episode of the attraction “Comprar é Bom, Levar é Melhor”, promoted by Havan and SBT, will air on March 7th and will be special, to celebrate the dreams of 100 families over the 4 years of the program.

This season, which will air from March 7th to May 30th, more than R$ 1 million in products will be distributed. In total, the seasons have already added up to more than R$ 5 million in prizes. About 13 families participate in this edition. Each season, about 500 families sign up to participate.

The recordings took place between February 8th to 18th, with the presenter Celso Portiolli, at Havan Campinas / Valinhos, in São Paulo.

This is the 8th season. Two seasons are recorded each year with a total of 13 episodes and a special year-end. According to presenter Celso Portiolli, more than 15 million people watch the program weekly.

The dynamics of the “Comprar é bom, levar é melhor” picture is as follows: families have half an hour to collect R$ 80 thousand in products. But, to take the products home, the family needs to go through a “quiz” of 7 questions about general knowledge. Each question corresponds to a value and the participant has 1 minute to answer. If answered correctly, it will give the participant the possibility to take home the products selected by the players for free.