Carlos Wizard and Luciano Hang are part of a group of entrepreneurs who seek to assist in vaccination against Covid-19

A group of hundreds of Brazilian entrepreneurs, whose owner of the Wizard language school, Carlos Wizard, and Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, are part of, expressed this week the desire to assist the Ministry of Health in immunizing Brazilians against Covid -19.

The entrepreneurs aim to collaborate in the acquisition, distribution and application of the vaccine. They point out that there is no intention to harm the immunization of priority groups, but rather contribute for a more agile vaccination. “However, if possible, we would like to act in solidarity with the Federal Government and through organized civil society to have autonomy to speed up the vaccination of the population in general”, says Carlos Wizard.

For businesspeople, this is the way out of the health crisis that Brazil is facing and the resumption of economic growth. “We reported this desire to the Government, we want to help. We can look for other vaccines that are being used around the world. Of course, everything within what Anvisa recommends. It is necessary that Brazilians have the option of immunizing themselves, and may even buy vaccines at pharmacies. I repeat, we do not want to interfere in the priority vaccination queue, but rather to contribute to a quicker immunization. I also think that vaccines already approved in other countries should be certified faster by Anvisa in Brazil”, salient Luciano Hang.